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Afghan Oil Fields Not a Curse — Yet

I visited the northern oil fields of Afghanistan.

Read about it at the IHT Global Opinion site.

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Terrence Malick and Wael Ghonim

I wrote about Terrence Malick and Wael Ghonim for The Atlantic‘s “Brave Thinkers” package.

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Microrevolutions off Tahrir Square

Originally published on the IHT‘s Latitude blog.

CAIRO — It has been nearly three months since the last really big, unmanageable crowd converged on Tahrir Square and threatened to stay until its demands were met. On the eve of Ramadan, in early August, the Egyptian military smacked and clubbed that group — a broad but woefully inarticulate coalition opposing the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ hold on power — out of the square. And much to the protesters’ horror, the majority of Egyptians seemed fairly satisfied with the pushback, preferring a return to order even if it came with a military policeman’s truncheon. Read the rest of this entry »

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