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Does Bob Dylan Talk Like a Finn?

A dispatch from Hibbing, Minnesota, over at The Atlantic.

In July, residents of Long Branch, New Jersey, called the cops to report an “eccentric-looking old man” snooping around their neighborhood. Neither the residents nor Kristie Buble, the 22-year-old responding officer, recognized him as Bob Dylan, out for a stroll before a concert with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. The police escorted Dylan to his hotel, where tour staff positively identified Dylan as the Voice of a Generation, though evidently not of Buble’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sugar Humps

Martin van Almsick gave me a tour of his chocolate factory in Dubai, where he manages the production of the world’s first camel-milk chocolate.  Read about it at the Atlantic food channel.

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Geo-engineering on Lopate

Today’s Leonard Lopate Show featured a segment about geo-engineering.

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The Lost World

I spent much of this summer with Canadian, Afghan, British, and US forces in southern Afghanistan. Here are some of the resulting dispatches.

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