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Classify This

The Atlantic, September 2007. Includes this graphic by Ryan Morris.

The Bush administration conducts much of its work in the shadows. “Black site” detentions, extraordinary renditions, and domestic eavesdropping all happen in secret, and only by the grace of leaks and slipups do we know they happen at all.

Most secrets stay secret. But for the last quarter century, at least we’ve known how many secrets were being kept, because of the Information Security Oversight Office, or ISOO, an internal government watchdog that keeps tabs on secrecy standards and the number of documents classified each year. Its data show that the shadows have been getting darker and bigger lately, and are now at least the size of those at the height of the Cold War. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ruffling Feathers: Will Turkey Invade Northern Iraq?

Feature piece in Jane’s Intelligence Review.  (Answer: probably, but with limited raids and air-strikes to soften up what few targets remain.)

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