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A Turkish Assad?

Which is scarier: a government that hunts down and kills dozens in cold blood, or a government that hunts down and kills dozens by accident?

Read more at the IHT.

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In the Shadow of Genocide

A review of Christopher de Bellaigue’s new book, in The American Scholar‘s Spring issue.

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A Toothless Accord on the PKK

Short contribution to Jane’s Foreign Report.

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Ruffling Feathers: Will Turkey Invade Northern Iraq?

Feature piece in Jane’s Intelligence Review.  (Answer: probably, but with limited raids and air-strikes to soften up what few targets remain.)

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Breaking Away

The Atlantic, May 2007. With a map by Ryan Morris.

With time, Arab Iraq is looking less and less like a country, and Kurdish Iraq is looking more and more like one. Since 2003, Kurdish negotiators have quietly compelled Baghdad to acknowledge the Kurdish parliament, ministries, and 100,000-strong peshmerga army—in effect, to let the Kurds be Kurds first and Iraqis second, if at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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