Graeme Wood


Anthropology Inc.

I wrote about corporate ethnography in The Atlantic.

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Save the Old City

At The New Republic, I have a piece about one of my favorite places in the world: the Old City of Damascus.

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My Conversion Will Not Be Televised

I debated an Egyptian cleric on Salafi TV: a report for The Atlantic.

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Fawzia Koofi

I profiled Fawzia Koofi for The Atlantic‘s “Brave Thinkers” package.

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Atomic Holiday

I’ve always wanted to visit Mercury, Nevada, site of numerous huge holes in the ground from when the US government blew up nuclear weapons there. Here I report from the proving grounds for The Atlantic.

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The Disease of Jumping From the Sky

I review two books about compulsive aviators, for The Atlantic.

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A Tarnished Jubilee

From Kampala, for the IHT.

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Preacher, Tailor, Salafi, Spy

A report for The New Republic.

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